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German painting

Dresden Altar, Albrecht Durer

Author: Albrecht Durer Museum: Dresden Gallery Year: Around 1496 ⇐ Click image for a larger image Description of the picture: Dresden altar - Albrecht Durer. About 1496. Wood, oil. The central panel - 117x96, the side panels - 114x45. The Altar marks the beginning of a mature period of work by Albrecht Durer.
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Italian painting

"The School of Athens" by Rafael Santi Fresco

Author: Rafael Santi Museum: Stanza della Senyatura (Vatican) Year: 1510-1511 ⇐ Click image for a larger view Description of the picture: Athenian school - Rafael Santi. 1510-1511. Fresco. Working on the "Athenian School" - a fresco on the theme of philosophy. Raphael depicted a fantastic temple, the main nave of which goes into the blue distance by a series of vaulted arches, and placed ancient philosophers and scientists in its space.
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Dutch painting

Portrait of an Old Lady, Frans Hals, 1633

Author: Hieronymus Bosch Museum: National Gallery of Art (Washington) Year: 1633 Click image for larger image Description of the picture: Portrait of an elderly lady - Frans Hals. 1633. Oil on canvas. 102,5x86,9 Portraits of Frans Hals are distinguished by exceptional character and personality, he was one of the best European masters who wrote "alia prima", that is, in one session and without a preparatory drawing.
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Russian painting

Woodsmith, Kramskoy, 1874

Author: Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy Museum: Tretyakov Gallery Year: 1874 Click image for a larger image Description of the picture: Polesovshchik - Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 1874. Oil on canvas. 84x62 Unkindly, the forester looks from the canvas with anxiety with alarm. Even posing for the artist, the hero does not part with his usual weapon - a strong cudgel.
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French painting

Church in Marissel, Camille Corot, 1866

Author: Camille Corot Museum: Louvre Year: 1866 ⇐ Click on image to enlarge Description of the picture: Church in Marissel - Camille Corot. 1866. Oil on canvas. 55x42 The work was done in the era of the master's creative maturity, when the artist could afford to create in several manners. This is due to the search for new aesthetic forms.
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