Dutch painting

"Hell, Hieronymus Bosch" - description of the painting

  • Author: Hieronymus bosch
  • Museum: Prado Museum
  • Year: 1500-1510
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Description of the picture:

Hell - Hieronymus Bosch (Part of the triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights"). 1500-1510. Wood, oil. 389 x 220 cm

Hell is the right wing of the artist’s famous triptych called “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. Under this lyrical name lies far from a sweet and idyllic picture. In fact, the triptych is made quite in the style of Bosch - creepy visions, grotesque figures, terrible images here almost everywhere.
In the artist's vision, hell appears to be a monstrous surrealistic place. Critics often call the right wing of a triptych “Musical hell” due to the fact that many different musical instruments are used here. However, one should not hope that they are used for their intended purpose. In fact, even the devils do not play them, as one might suspect. Bosch decided to use completely distant from the direct purpose of musical instruments methods of their use. In most cases, they act as torture devices.
For example, the artist's harp plays the role of a cross for crucifixion or rearing - an unhappy sinner is spread on it. The innocent lute was the subject of torture of another poor fellow, who lay prone. Interestingly, on his buttocks are printed notes on which a completely unimaginable chorus sings - cursed, led by a conductor with a fish "face."
The foreground of the picture is capable of plunging even the modern man hardened with the horror films. The rabbit drags a man with a distended abdomen, which is tied to a pole. At the same time from the poor thing literally beats a stream of blood. The predatory rabbit looks very peaceful, and this constitutes a truly monstrous contrast compared with what it does and what its future implies.
The abnormality of this place is underlined by the incredible size of berries and fruits, scattered here and there throughout the casement. When you look at it, it is not clear who eats who here - people like berries or people? The world turned and became hell.
Frozen pond with a clearing, where the sinner is riding on a huge skate, people flying into the world like brainless midges, a man grinding in a door lock - all these images are allegorical and certainly understood by contemporaries of the artist. Something from what he has seen is quite possible to interpret and interpret in our day, but now from the point of view of modern man, and not of the late Middle Ages.
Interestingly, the researcher of the work of Bosch was able to decipher the notes engraved on the fifth point of the sinner. It turns out that the artist recorded quite a coherent tune that you can play and listen to. But this is the only normal real element in the crazy world of his hell.

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