Dutch painting

Portrait of a scientist, Ferdinand Bol

  • Author: Ferdinand Bol
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: About 1650
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Description of the picture:

Portrait of a scientist - Ferdinand Bol. About 1650. Oil on canvas. 122x98

Ferdinand Bol (1616-1680) is a Dutch painter and graphic artist, a student of Rembrandt, who learned the techniques of his painting manner perfectly well, and as a result, many of his works were mistakenly attributed to the master. About the circumstances of life Bohl almost nothing is known. He became famous for his portrait genre and is considered to be one of the best Dutch portrait painters.
"Portrait of a scientist" It stands out with a cozy warm brown gamut, reminiscent of amber stones. An elderly man with a beard in thoughtfulness props his head with his hand. Behind him on the table are the attributes of the researcher - the globe and books in thick covers. The scientist, whose face resembles a Russian boyar, is immersed in his thoughts, ponders future discoveries.

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