Spanish painting

Naked Maha, Francisco de Goya

  • Author: Francisco de Goya
  • Museum: Prado Museum
  • Year: 1795-1800
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Description of the picture:

Maha Nude - Francisco de Goya y Lucientes. 1795-1800. Canvas, oil. 98x191

Francisco Goya (1746-1828) - Spanish painter, engraver, whose freedom-loving art is distinguished by bold innovation, passionate emotionality, sharpness of characterization. The great painter artistically and encyclopedicly reflected the life of his country. The influence of Goya, one of the most prominent masters of the era of romanticism, on artistic culture has a pan-European significance.
In the image of mahi - the Spanish townswoman of the XVIII-XIX centuries, the artist, in spite of strict academic canons, embodied a type of attractive, natural beauty. Maha is a woman whose life is love. Seductive, temperamental swings personified the Spanish understanding of attractiveness. The brush of the ingenious artist forever preserved for posterity the youth, the lively charm, the mysterious sensuality of the seductive model.
Goya not only created the image of the new Venus of his modern society, but also surprisingly subtly felt the changes in the artistic style on the verge of eras.
Dressed maha - Francisco de Goya-i-Lucientes. Around 1800-1807. Canvas, oil. 95x190

Clad Maha - Goya

Dressed up Maha - Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

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