Italian painting

Dispute, Rafael Santi, 1509

  • Author: Rafael Santi
  • Museum: Stanza della Senyatura (Vatican)
  • Year: 1509
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Description of the picture:

Disputa - Rafael Santi. 1509. Fresco. At the base - 770. Stanza della Senyatura

Despite his youth, the artist was already known for his paintings, when in 1508 architect Donato Bramante invited him to work in Rome. Raphael was one of those who made High Renaissance flourish here.
In the wall space, limited, as in the other cases, by a semicircular arch, the artist entered a complex and at the same time clear composition. At its center is the Trinity: God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit., descending to the monastery standing on the altar (a kind of monstrance) with a guest (eucharistic bread, which has been transformed into the flesh of Christ). This is the semantic axis on which the entire image is "strung", then developing horizontally. Next to Christ sit the Mother of God and St. John the Baptist, and on a semicircular cloud are the forefathers, prophets, saints Peter, Paul, John the Evangelist and others. Below, on the sides of the altar with the Holy Gifts, about which the dispute is going on, the earthly church is represented, and here you can see the fathers of the Roman Catholic Church, pontiffs and other Christians, whose faith has left its mark on history.
The possibilities, which gave the semicircular shape of the wall, given the architecture of the arches, were remarkably used by Raphael. The round rhythm of the whole composition is echoed by a cloud with the forefathers and saints sitting on it, the radiance around Christ, and the golden skies resembling the painted concha of the apse, that is, its inner dome. No wonder Rafael was both a painter and an architect: the fresco in its construction is similar to an architectural structure and is inseparable from the room in which it is located. In the lower part, in the background, the artist depicted the church under construction, recalling the then built St. Peter's Cathedral, one of the main architects of which it will become several years later.

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