Italian painting

Saint Jerome, Leonardo da Vinci, 1482

  • Author: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Museum: Vatican Museums
  • Year: About 1482
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Description of the picture:

Saint Jerome - Leonardo da Vinci. About 1482. Wood, oil. 103x74
Unfortunately, some paintings by Leonardo, an artist, scientist, and thinker of the Renaissance, remained unfinished. But they are works in which the author's intention is completely visible, for example the work "Saint Jerome", made at the level of underpainting.
The artist presented here St. Jerome - a religious thinker, a translator of the Bible into Latin, an ascetic and ascetic, retreating into the desert, where he spent several years. The saint is depicted penitent, his eyes are full of supplication, he moves his cloak back over his shoulder with one hand, and with the other waving back he pulls back to hit himself with a stone in the chest. The muscles of his thin, ascetic face, shoulders, and arms are strained, his leg is firmly on a large stone, and Jerome has become a complete cry to the Creator for forgiveness. In the foreground is a lion, according to legend, who accompanied the saint since he, having met a sick beast in the desert, cured him. The wild animal surrendered to love and good, with which God filled the soul of Jerome.

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