Italian painting

"Susanna and the Elders", Tintoretto - the description of the painting

  • Author: Jacopo Tintoretto
  • Museum: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  • Year: About 1555
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Description of the picture:

Susanna and the Elders - Tintoretto. About 1555. Oil on canvas. 146 x 193 cm

A bright embodiment of aesthetic ideas of the era of Mannerism, the picture of the famous artist pleases with a wealth of colors, shapes and many different details. It uses a very popular Old Testament plot in art. Susanna, the wife of a rich Jew, Joachim, was an attractive (today they would say sexually) young woman. She attracted a lot of lustful looks, but she was a faithful wife.
Susana loved her body and cared for him, spending a lot of time in her garden bath. Two elderly elders, unconsciously falling in love with a beautiful woman, decided to incline her to adultery, having followed her while bathing. They threatened to refuse to accuse of adultery, and in those days it was tantamount to a death sentence. But the brave woman raised a cry, repelling the old voluptics. As a result, she was still put on trial, and her death would have been inevitable if not for the prophet Daniel, who understood the situation and acquitted an innocent woman.
The canvas depicts the very beginning of this life and instructive story. Nude, plumper Susanna is admiring her reflection in a rectangular mirror that rests on a trellis entwined with roses. She tries on her jewelry, in a word, behaves like any other carefree young woman alone with herself.
But behind her spy two elderly men, inflamed by her charms. One of them is visible to the viewer in the foreground - he is looking out from behind a trellis. The second is seen at the other end of the same trellis. The picture uses a characteristic way of imparting depth to the space of the canvas, which became popular in the Renaissance - perspective. In this picture, it is formed by the horizontal lines of a plant trellis and an arch with a green tunnel in the background.
The canvas is distinguished by its multicolor and abundance of details, but first of all the look is attracted by the milk skin of a beauty literally glowing against a dark background. It becomes immediately clear why the elders are so excited by this woman - she just shines with youth and health.

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