Norwegian painting

Jealousy, Munch, 1895

  • Author: Edvard Munch
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1895
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Description of the picture:

Jealousy - Munch. 1895. 67x100 cm

Jealousy - a devastating feeling, deforming the individual, and the whole world around. The artist analyzes the causes, shows the results, philosophizes, but can not get to the bottom of the matter, find a cure, name the reasons. Pictures with the same name "Jealousy" are very different. The master is experimenting with color, looking for angles, stage settings, compositions. One thing remains unchanged - the presence of the hero, whose half-mad eyes clearly and expressively demonstrate the entire complex structure of jealousy, its disastrous effect on the personality.
In the picture there is a group, animating and illustrating the plot. Most likely, the author portrays certain fantasies inspired by a devastating feeling. Eroticism and ambiguity of the scene, its unreality and artificiality, best of all demonstrate the groundlessness, the baselessness of jealousy.
It is known that the model for many of Munch's paintings was the wife of his friend, the writer. Obviously, the woman inspired the master, woke his imagination, pushing on the most non-standard ideas of the paintings.
Black and white gamut makes the work concise, slim and expressive. The master does not seem to want to distract the viewer from the topic of work. He deliberately focuses on the essence.

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