Russian painting

An old gardener, Surikov, 1882

  • Author: Vasily Ivanovich Surikov
  • Museum: The Russian Museum
  • Year: 1882
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Description of the picture:

The old gardener - Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. 1882. Oil on canvas. 97x140.9

Work is a "household portrait" of the peasant. A smooth beard, long untrimmed hair, leaky ports, a light shirt, belted with a strap. On the face of the old man anxiety. Dying sprouts of cabbage, placed by the author in the foreground, to blame. Looking at the horizon, the peasant tries to make out the nascent clouds.
The habit of relying only on oneself, ability to work, endurance and perseverance - all these essential qualities of a person associated with peasant labor may not always be sufficient for success. The work makes the viewer think about the fate of the peasants in the country.
The color scheme of the picture is "real". Sunlight, illuminating the peasant's face, entangled in his beard, creates a feeling of heat and sultriness.

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