Russian painting

Description of the painting "Stepan Razin", Surikov, 1906

  • Author: Vasily Ivanovich Surikov
  • Museum: The Russian Museum
  • Year: 1906
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Description of the picture:

Stepan Razin - Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. 1906

The Cossack ataman is stern and thoughtful. Neither the Cossack song, nor the loot, nor the captured Persian prince amuse him. Dumas overpowered the rebel. Under ataman and Cossack rowers. Gloomy and captive Persian. He turns away from the proposed enchantment with intoxicating wine. Only one Cossack is having fun, the one that offers the princess a cup, in a fit of drunken hospitality. The Cossack of a heroic build, asleep, tired of the robbery.
The morning wind filled the sail, the sunrise colored the river and the air in a bluish-pink tone. Nature is serene at this early time. But the whole picture is filled with thick and dark alarm ...
The chieftain has rich clothes, he lies on an expensive carpet, behind his back are his faithful companions. What is so worried about the leader? Holding his head with his fist, frowning, he listens to the song of the kobzar. A hard look to nowhere, a tense pose of the hero make the viewer feel an inner alarm.
Compositionally, Razin is opposed to the Persian prince. The hero sees in his captive his own future. Knyazhich, realizing his fate, is doom-passive. Like the ataman, he does not meet with the look of anyone. He shares a gulf with the ataman: different origins, different attitudes towards life (a noble Persian obeyed his fate, the ataman is going to argue with her).
The author surrounded the Cossack boat with a pacifying and beautiful landscape. Gentle, practical watercolor tones of the sky, water, coastline, create a light, gentle morning atmosphere. In the images of the Cossacks there is nothing robber. Before the viewer are strong, but tired of their bitter share of people.
Robber trophies scattered around the boat, expensive carpets soak in the water. The author seems to be trying to say that the Cossacks have no respect for wealth. Will is their only goal. The tragedy is that they do not know what the true will is about. So the chieftain, who has no specific goal, thought about the future. There is nothing rainbow in these thoughts.
A few more strokes of the oars and the rook will disappear over the horizon. Where, on what bank will the chieftain land, who will be his next victim? Unknown. Only one thing is clear - he will not turn off his road, only a force, many times greater than the strength of his troops, will stop this path, the search for "truth", the desire for true will.
A terrible warning looks like a picture: people's anger, strong, cruel, uncontrollable, can sweep away everything and everyone in its path.

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