Russian painting

For reading. Portrait of Sofia Nikolaevna Kramskoy, 1863

  • Author: Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1863
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Description of the picture:

For reading. Portrait of Sofia Nikolaevna Kramskoy - Kramskoy. 1863. Oil on canvas

Contemporaries noted that Kramskoy was always a loving husband and parent. It is not surprising that family members often became the heroes of his paintings. His painter treated his wife, Sophia Nikolaevna, warmly and ardently, managing to bring love and respect through his whole life, calling her his guardian angel and permanent muse.
The most famous portrait of the artist’s wife is a lyrical painting “Reading”. The picture belongs to the early period of creativity, but already here the fundamentals of the style of an outstanding master were outlined.
By its nature, the portrait can be attributed to the chamber and very personal work. In a relaxed position, leaning over the book, leaning on his head with his hand, sits a young woman. Her face is focused and calm. The author seemed to have looked at this idyllic picture in secret from the portrait.
The most amazing thing in the picture is the mood. We do not see the eye of Sophia Nikolaevna (and, as you know, they are a mirror of the soul), but even from this angle, such tenderness, warmth and soulfulness are read in the whole guise of a spouse - those qualities that so admired Kramskoy.
For the image of his muse, the author chose pastel pencils. It was this technique that made it possible to create that softness, tenderness and freshness of the portrait, along with aristocracy and refinement.
With his beloved wife Kramskoy he lived all his life, until his death. From this strong exemplary union were born six children, two of whom they lost in early childhood.

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