Russian painting

On the trail, Repin, 1881

  • Author: Repin
  • Museum: Samara Regional Art Museum
  • Year: 1881
  • Click image for larger version

Description of the picture:

On the trail - Ilya Repin. 1881. Oil on canvas. 340 x 260 mm

Like many other paintings by Repin, this canvas amazes with the depth of the image of space with seemingly inconspicuous artistic techniques. The picture shows two figures of Cossacks - one in the foreground, almost in the center of the canvas, the second in its very depth, to the side of a Cossack peering into the distance in a high hat.
In addition to these two figures in the picture there is nothing more, only a faded blue sky, as if covered with a haze or a sultry haze. On it are blurred clouds, concealing the horizon line and giving a special depth and expressiveness to the image.
The lower part of the picture is an endless flat eared steppe, because of the vegetation faded in the sun, seemingly covered with pale gold. It gradually turns into a bright sky, which makes the picture filled with air and space.
The distant figure is specifically as if deprived of color, he sits on a light horse, and from the bright spots only a reddish piece of clothing is noticeable. This is done specifically to focus all attention on the main element of the picture.
The central figure of the Cossack is striking in its expressiveness. He tensed up and stretched out into the string, looking out for the trail lost in the grass. He is wearing a bright outfit - a high hat from a lambskin, a red uniform caftan and wide dark blue trousers. He has a very long rifle in his hands - such a weapon is distinguished by a very accurate long-range combat.

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