Exhibition Hall "Varshavka"

I would like to talk about the Varshavka exhibition hall, which has existed since 1983. Exhibitions that are often held there, you can attend for free.
During its existence, Varshavka has made many friends both in Russia and abroad. Today in the exhibition halls there you can see the work of not only many famous artists, but also beginners. The Varshavka exhibition hall is open for cooperation with all creative unions of the CIS countries, Russia and foreign countries.
In addition, the museum staff oversees many exhibitions in Japan, Hungary and other countries. There are guided tours for schoolchildren, as well as being trained in various areas (painting, music, composition, etc.)
"Varshavka" has many awards, which can be found on the official website of the exhibition hall -

Watch the video: A 360 experience of the NZICC Exhibition Hall in the NZICC (February 2020).