Russian painting

On the boat. Abramtsevo, Polenov - description of the painting

  • Author: Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov
  • Museum: Kiev National Museum of Russian Art
  • Year: 1880
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Description of the picture:

On the boat. Abramtsevo - Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 1880. Oil on canvas. 58 x 106.5 cm

This charming picture seems to be a fragment of a forever vanished life, taken out of context and instantly captured by the genius of the master. An unpretentious plot does not exclude a uniquely detailed, high-quality study of every detail, of which there is a great variety on the canvas.
Two ladies have fun riding in a boat, which is ruled by a brave young sailor reddened by the effort and fresh air in a pretty shape. The surface of the water is absolutely calm, there are only traces of oars of the boat on it. The picture is dominated by saturated, but dim green tones - this color and water, and the surrounding low, with dense vegetation of the coast. From the canvas, calmness literally emanates, it seems as if you are picking up the subtle aromas of grass, blooming water lilies and the humidity coming from the water.
A massive dark tree bent low over the water, it is clear that the roots did not hold it on the shore, and now it dies quietly, becoming a haven for many flowering water lilies with elegant floating leaves. Several flowers are depicted in the foreground of the canvas, and a pile of the same plants hangs from the edge of the boat. The reason for the trip becomes clear - ladies collect water lilies for bouquets and wreaths.
This sweet and touching picture impresses with the skill of the artist. At first glance, his uncommon talent was revealed in an unassuming canvas, because only a genius could cope with so many small but very important details.

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