Artist Alexey Klokov - gold and painting are always in the price!

Objects of art in a changing economic and political conditions were and are one of the best alternative ways to invest. In an effort to protect their own funds from possible depreciation, investors choose those art assets that show annual growth.
Along with objects of art, gold is also a proven asset, which is steadily growing in value, outpacing, as a rule, inflation. In cases where gold is integrated into pictorial compositions, the story shows the maximum dynamics.
In just a few years, the Golden Adele created by Gustav Klimt reached a value of 135 million dollars. Made in gold shades with the use of gold leaf, the picture is written in the abstract-figurative style and depicts Adele Bloch-Bauer, daughter of the influential Jewish bourgeois in Austria. It is known that Adele's husband, seeking to destroy her love affair with Klimt, deliberately ordered him a portrait of his wife. At the same time, he set an obligatory condition for the artist - 100 preliminary sketches should be written for the portrait. Thus, the deceived husband was counting on the fact that the attraction, driven into the frame, would gradually fade away. So it happened. Four years later, when the picture was ready, the relationship between Adele and Gustav Klimt completely disappeared.
Another example combining artistic performance and the use of gold elements is the monumental sculpture by Damien Hirst “Golden Bull”. The piece is a formaldehyde stuffed bull with golden horns and hooves and a cast gold disc on its head. The last cost of the composition at Sotheby's auction is 18 million dollars.
On the Russian sky in the technique of painting and gold artist Alexei Klokov actively creates. His most famous installation, estimated at one and a half million pounds, consists of one and a half kilograms of gold and an antique bottle of "Madeira". Among the less gold-rich, for example, "Full Moon" with elements of an array of white gold or "Walking on the waters" with gold leaf. The average price for the works of this series is about 50 thousand dollars, but after the December Art Basel in Miami, prices will certainly rise. Alexey is represented by the I.B.Clarkgallery gallery.
Alexey Klokov. Full moon. Oil on canvas, white gold.

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