Famous museums of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - a brilliant city. It seems that its very atmosphere contributes to the birth of talented artists. And it is not in vain, because the city is a giant museum, where cultural monuments and architecture monuments so diverse in style and time are harmoniously combined. Carefully preserved in dashing times, statues that immortalized people and events important to the city and the country, buildings, squares, avenues, along which people have become legends. Even the traditions of the time of Peter the Great returned and fill his brainchild with special content.
Particular attention when visiting the city, deserve museums of St. Petersburg, famous throughout the world. The Hermitage enjoys the greatest popularity. No guest of the city will miss the opportunity to contemplate the greatest creations with a century of history, collected in one place. If you travel by plane, then from any St. Petersburg airport you can get there by subway, by taxi and by train wherever you go. Relax, decompose all the impressions received during the day, prepare for further acquaintance with the city, help cheap hotels in St. Petersburg, where excellent service and comfortable rooms will complement the pleasant impressions left from the tour.


The museum complex, which owes its birth to Catherine II, who bought the collection collected for the Prussian King Frederick II, the merchant Gotskovsky. Works of art of the most famous world authors were replenished with new masterpieces and were placed in the Empress's private apartments, in whose honor the museum was named.
The Hermitage is translated from French as a place of solitude. The modern Hermitage is more than three million priceless works of art located on the vast territory of the museum complex consisting of 10 architectural structures, the most important of which is the Winter Palace, which saw all revolutions and upheavals that shook the country at different times.

Museum "Palace-Cottage in Petergof"

This museum is part of the famous Alexandria Palace and Park Ensemble. Its unusual architecture, which includes openwork elements, lancet and acute-angled structures, attracts attention. A fascinating view of the Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt, the embankment of St. Petersburg opens from the amazing beauty of the terrace on which the museum is located.
The decoration of the rooms conquers with its diversity and luxury. The interior is designed in the style of Gothic, with handmade carpets, fireplaces, chandeliers made specifically for the Palace. Hand-painted walls, openwork woodcarving elements and wrought iron elements were made by famous craftsmen. The empress's office, libraries, reception halls amaze with their thoughtfulness and beauty.
In 1843, a marble terrace was added to the cottage, which serves as an entrance to the dining room, whose walls are decorated with masterpieces of painting, brushes of famous artists such as Neff, Aivazovsky, Orlov, Gudin. Many tourists go to Peterhof specifically to enjoy all its beauty.

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

The city’s youngest museum, founded in 2010, is the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art. This is the first non-state museum in Russia, which presents prominent works by contemporary artists, reflecting their vision of the world. The purpose of this collection is to identify new areas of modern art, discover new talents among novice authors, help with the organization of an exhibition of works. After wandering through the expositions, you can visit the cinema, located here.
St. Petersburg is a storehouse of museums and notable, amazing for its architectural finds, places, visiting of which will cause delight and a pleasant sensation from touching the beautiful. Sure, you want to grasp the immensity and see as much as possible.

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