How many museums in Moscow

You wondered: "How many museums in Moscow?", - incredibly much! The capital of Russia is one of the most" museum "cities in the world. The book Moscow Museums, published in 1999, reports that ... about a thousand.
All, of course, can not even be listed. But among them there are such interesting as Polytechnic, Zoological or Paleontological, museums of the metro, taxis, books, the Armed Forces, the Air Force, the history of Moscow, the urban telephone network, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and porcelain, typewriters, cats, dinosaurs.
A more complete list of museums in Moscow and their description can be found here.

There is a museum with the unusual name "Moscow Lights" - its exposition tells about the history of street lighting ranging from fires that burned at Moscow crossroads during the time of Tsar Boris Godunov, to the current metal halide lamps ...
In these, and not only museums, we will take a peek, and analyze and examine in detail all the exhibits of museums.

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