May 18 - International Museum Day!

Breaking the next piece of the calendar you can see the number 18. It is May 18 that they are celebrating museum day. In addition, this holiday has become international, and it is celebrated in more than 150 countries of the world!
This holiday is not so many years. International Museum Day began to celebrate only in 1977. With some simple mathematical operations, it can be calculated that in 2012 this holiday has a jubilee - 35 years since the international museum day is celebrated! The decision to create such a day was made at a meeting of the International Council of Museums.
On May 18, the doors of museums are open to everyone absolutely free. On this day there are always a lot of people in museums, even if this is a working day. People are happy to visit these places, have a rest culturally, are enlightened, learn a lot of new things and just communicate. Guides are always happy to meet guests in the walls of their museums. Therefore, they are also happy to share their knowledge with museum visitors.
Every year, the day of museums is different. The theme for 2012 will be "Museums in a changing world". In our time, cultural values ​​are forgotten, young people are interested in very different things. This day is obliged to increase interest in museums. The topic is very relevant and interesting. In 2011 there was a theme: "Museums and Memory", and in 2010 - "Museums in the name of social harmony".
Well, congratulations to all those who have dedicated their lives to working in museums, helping museums, creating museums and of course, congratulating those who go to the museum that day!

Watch the video: International Museum Day 2018 (February 2020).