New exhibition of post-war artists in the Russian Museum

In the Russian Museum opened new exhibition of artists of the postwar period. Now next to the paintings, which depict beautiful landscapes, portraits are paintings with a tragic meaning and reflections on the essence of human life.
One of the largest exhibition halls was given under work of the sixties (Kurnakov, Tkachev brothers, Burganov). At the exhibition you can see paintings for a period of about half a century. This is very good, because the paintings of Russian artists who were out of sight now occupy a central place in the museum (though not for long, but still), which allows visitors to better take a look, or even see for the first time. You can also trace how the artist's work, his views have changed over the years, and draw your own conclusions.

Watch the video: Katy Siegel on Postwar Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic. MoMA LIVE (February 2020).