Hermitage is preparing for its 250th anniversary

Another news that will please fans of art and culture. The Hermitage began to prepare for its 250th anniversary, which means that the program will be interesting. Mikhail Piotrovsky (Director of the Hermitage) together with the mayor of Turin (Piero Fassino) presented a program of events to be held on the anniversary of this famous Russian museum. One of the main events will be that unique exhibitions will be held in Turin and St. Petersburg (which exhibitions will not be known yet, but the organizers claim it will be very interesting), and the Turin Symphony Orchestra will perform in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg .
Mikhail Piotrovsky conducts negotiations with representatives of various museums, both in Italy and Russian museums. At the moment, the exhibition "Collection of Alexander Bazilevsky" in Turin, as well as the "Portrait of the Unknown" (brushes by Antonello de Messina) in the Hermitage Museum is already scheduled.
We know firsthand that State Hermitage knows how to arrange holidays. Everyone remembers how in 2011 an original exhibition was organized, timed to the Russia-Italy year. But the Italian colleagues also do not sit still. They support and help organize the Hermitage anniversary, which is very, very touching. By 2014, by common efforts, they will achieve their goals, and the holiday will be held at the highest level, many of them are sure.

Watch the video: The Hermitage Celebrates it's 250th. Euromaxx (February 2020).