Russian painting

"The groom who chooses the ring to his bride", Ivanov - description of the painting

  • Author: Alexander Andreevich Ivanov
  • Museum: The Russian Museum
  • Year: 1839
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Description of the picture:

The groom who chooses the ring to his bride is Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov. Paper, watercolor.

The famous painter Alexander Andreevich Ivanov is the representative of Russian classicism of the 19th century. His paintings are kept in many museums of the world and of course, in museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
The artist spent most of his life in Italy, where he worked a lot, writing sketches and landscapes.
Perhaps, under the influence of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, with whom they met in Rome in 1837, Ivanov began to try himself in the genre theme, although he had not previously recognized her, considered him unworthy for classical painting.
Thus, the genre scene is revealed in one of the light and bright works of the artist Alexander Ivanov, written in 1938 - “The Bridegroom Choosing a Ring for the Bride”.
The picture was made in watercolor, which, by the way, is also unusual for Ivanov. But he, like a real talent, discovered for himself and was able to use all the most expressive possibilities of watercolor writing. And what if not watercolor will convey all facets of the play of light and color.
The plot of the picture is very simple: the central figure is the groom, young, with dignity, with coins in his hands, picks up an ornament for his bride. He smiles slightly, probably represents how she will rejoice and admire the ring.
Curious girls are very picturesque - they are interested in what kind of decoration this beautiful young man will choose, and at the same time they feel a slight envy of an unfamiliar bride. The jewelry merchant is important and leisurely, he is confident in his product.
The author perfectly discharged each character separately and at the same time they are united by a common, fascinating event taking place on this street.
Thanks to the watercolor brush, there is a special transparency of the sky, the lightness of a summer, warm day. And all this household street scene is filled with pleasant human emotions, vivacity, brightness of the southern Italian town.

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