Russian painting

Description of the painting Briullov Horsewoman, 1832

  • Author: Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1832
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Description of the picture:

Horsewoman - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 1832. Oil on canvas. 206x291,5

Creativity Bryullov introduced into the painting of Russian classicism fresh stream of romanticism. The artist's works are marked by the statement of the sensual beauty of the human body, the dramatic expression of images, subtle psychologism.
The painting "The Horsewoman" was commissioned by the Countess Yu. P. Samoilova and depicts her adoptive daughters. The main place in the canvas belongs to the movement. The eldest of the sisters - Giovannina - abruptly stops the excited black horse, but she herself remains calmly calm (this is the moment when contemporaries put a reproach to the master). The sound of hooves and the perky bark of the dog, accompanying the girl on the morning walk, forced her younger sister Amaziliyu to run out onto the terrace, whose image was decided more lively and brilliantly conveys the immediacy of the little girl. The composition of the portrait-picture is distinguished by a clear geometric balance, and the exquisite color gives the whole work a ceremonial character.

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