What can be seen in Germany?

In our time, people began to pay much attention to their rest. Therefore, many people plan their vacation in advance. Those who decide to relax in Germany this year will be interested to know what can be seen in Germany ?
Since our site is about museums, then naturally we will be able to recommend interesting German museums. Of course, in Germany there are many other funny and mysterious places, but today we will focus on museums. So, let's begin…

What men see in Germany

Three German car museums (Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and BMW Museum in Munich) will appeal to any man. I advise it is the latest BMW museum, which left an indelible impression on my brother during a trip to Germany, not very not a big fan of cars. Two of the museums are located in Stuttgart, the third in Munich. If you like to travel, then you will not be difficult to move from city to city by bus. For clarity, we show the main buildings of the museums of cars in Germany. And once again, please pay attention to the building of the BMW Museum - it is truly beautiful.
BMW Museum in MunichMercedes Museum (Mercedes-Benz) in Stuttgart

If you go family, what to see? Well, there are a number of possibilities. First, you can go to a German museum. Yes, that's exactly what it is called. It presents a huge number of exhibits (more than 25 thousand), which relate to various areas of science and technology. This museum is very popular among tourists (about a million people visit a year), because it will be interesting for people of all ages. This is one of the largest polytechnic museums in the world. It is located in the city of Munich.
German Museum

Here, in Munich, you can see a very unique building, which is not like the others. It is very bright and literally shines from whatever side you look at it. And if you are far away from him, you can even see all the colors of the rainbow on the building - this Brandhorst Museum. The museum is young, built in 2009. If you like painting, then inside you can enjoy the most magnificent works of artists, but if you are a fan of Cy Twombly, the Brandhorst Museum will become a “paradise” for you.
Art Museum Brandhorst in Munich

Moving on, and get into Bavaria. Here you will meet the magnificent Bavarian National Museum. In it you can learn a lot from the history of Germany, as well as see the unique sculptures and products of the folk applied art of the German people.
Bavarian National Museum

What to see with the children?

Here the answer suggests itself. Of course, toy museum in germany! Your children will be satisfied. This museum is described on our website, you can find out everything that interests you. The museum is also located in Munich, so do not miss the opportunity to look there. In addition to this museum, you and your children will be interested to visit. porcelain museumwhich is nearby.
So let's summarize what can you still see in Germany (with regards to museums).

For men:
  • BMW Museum in Munich
  • Mercedes Museum (Mercedes-Benz) in Stuttgart
  • Porsche Museum (Porsche) in Stuttgart

The whole family:
  1. Museum of Porcelain in Munich
  2. Toy Museum
  3. German Museum
  4. Bavarian Museum

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