Austrian painting

Pregnant Woman and Death - Egon Schiele

  • Author: Egon Schiele
  • Museum: National Gallery (Prague)
  • Year: 1910
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Description of the picture:

Pregnant woman and death - Egon Schiele. Around 1910. Oil on canvas

"Alles ist lebend tot" ("Everything that lives is dead"), said the Austrian artist Egon Schiele. The meaning of this statement is that in every living being of this world lies the seed of self-destruction, and life is only death before rebirth. However, this inevitability of death, enclosed within any earthly being, only enhances the brightness of the latter. In many of his works, the painter sought to show that there is no clear boundary between health and illness, and the enhancement of life and the approach of death are not at all opposite processes.
In 1910 he made many sketches at the gynecological clinic: pregnant women were for the artist a kind of symbol of the unity between life (even two lives - mother and unborn child) and the threat of death. Dark and light, bright red and black color patches coexist on his canvas just as beauty and ugliness, good and evil, pain and joy abide in the visible world. Death, illness, suffering, exacerbated in Schiele’s consciousness a sense of the value of life and beauty.

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