Austrian painting

The wounded, Anton Kolig, 1917

  • Author: Anton Kolig
  • Exhibited in the museum: National Gallery (Prague)
  • Year: 1917
Description of the picture:
Wounded - Anton Kolig. 1917. Oil on canvas. 42x36

Anton Kolig - Austrian expressionist artistHe studied from 1904 to 1907 at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts with Oscar Kokoschka, and then at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He was one of the most significant representatives of the artistic group "Colorists of Carinthia". The painter belonged to a generation of young artists who felt particularly connected with the French art of the 1920s, while also being in contact with new trends in other European countries, in particular Italy.
A significant place in the works of Kolig occupy images of the naked male body. He writes young people, energetic and strong, but often sad and pensive. Like other expressionists, the painter perceived creativity as a way of expressing emotions. During the First World War, starting in 1916, he was in the service, worked as a military artist in Vienna. Written at this time picture "Wounded"which shows prostrate on white sheets of a young soldier. A young man in half-forgetting, his face and his right, arm thrown over his head in bloody abrasions, shoulders and chest in bruises, his body convulsively curved. In the background, behind the head of the hero, an ominously crimson crimson spot. Kolig is extremely truthful, with frightening naturalism, conveys the cruel consequences of a war slaughter, depicting the plight of man in the world of iron and blood, after the defeat of ideals and the loss of faith.

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