Russian painting

Portrait of Chaliapin, 1922, Kustodiev - description of the painting

  • Author: Kustodiyev
  • Museum: The Russian Museum
  • Year: 1922
  • Click image for larger version

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Shalyapin - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 1922. Oil on canvas. 315,5x237,5

Creativity Boris KustodievPainted with piercing notes of love for their country, it is surprising that in the 1910-1920s - the most difficult years for Russia. The master's immersion into the national past became a kind of departure from revolutionary reality and was reflected in the creation of numerous canvases on the theme of fairs, cheerful folk festivals and noisy holidays. Sound, elegant, udalya - such is the merchant Russia on the canvases of the artist.
Outstanding singer Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin presented against the backdrop of winter with Russian threes, suggesting that the actor who conquered world scenes remained a Russian person in his heart. Born in Kazan, Shalyapin made a brilliant career, first in the Mamontov Private Opera, then in the Imperial theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Kustodiyev, having executed the formal portrait of the singer, captured him in the form of an imposing gentleman. According to the testimony of contemporaries, Shalyapin liked to show off expensive dresses.

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