Austrian painting

Portrait of Friderika Maria Beer, Gustav Klimt, 1916

  • Author: Gustav Klimt
  • Museum: Beer-Monty Collection (New York)
  • Year: 1916
  • Click image for larger version

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Friderika Maria Beer - Gustav Klimt. 1916

In 1914, the First World War began, in which Austria-Hungary entered on the side of Germany. The war, which was destined to wipe out whole empires from the face of the earth, shook the painter, but did not enter the theme of his work. In 1915, Klimt suffered personal grief: his mother died.
The art of the artist of the following years continued to sing female charm and natural beauty, but the theme of the femme fatale ceased to excite the master. He represented the gorgeous women of his age in their natural beauty. WITH "Portrait of Friderika Maria Beer" (1916, private collection) a sad or tired heroine looks at the viewer, the background for the work is a painting in oriental style.

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