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Beethoven Frieze, Gustav Klimt - description of the painting

  • Author: Gustav Klimt
  • Museum: Secession House, Vienna
  • Year: 1902
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Description of the picture:

Beethoven Frieze - Gustav Klimt. 1902. Casein paint, plaster, gilding, wall painting

The amazingly brilliant work of Gustav Klimt - panel "Beethoven Frieze", was written for the fourth exhibition of the Secession.
At that time, Beethoven’s music experienced a second rebirth, as no other music was consonant with the spirit of the times, and with the mood of art nouveau, the modernist trend in art. Before the exhibition, it was announced that it would be devoted to this particular composer. Painters and sculptors with enthusiasm were ready to pay tribute to the genius of classicism.
Klimt dedicated his great work, longer than 34 meters, to the author’s last and most brilliant symphony - the Ninth, and he managed the impossible, namely, to embody the sound in color.
The first three parts of the symphony focus on wrestling, where the dark forces oppose the light with all their fury and drama, but the last part proclaims the final victory of the good - “Ode to Joy” called it Beethoven, turning to the text of Schiller for the first time, including the choir in symphonic music.
To create a grandiose mural, Klimt, like Beethoven, was looking for new means of expressiveness and was quite successful. The picture is painted with casein paints on plaster, using mirror fragments, nails and even precious stones. Thus, the painter was a forerunner of the collage technique, which will find its development much later.
It is very difficult to assess the scale of this work on reproduction, the panel can be attributed to those works that, only upon seeing firsthand, you can fully understand and appreciate, and in this case also hear.

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