Austrian painting

"Plot 1", Friedensreich Hundertwasser - the description of the painting

  • Author: Friedensreich Hundertwasser
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: Around 1970
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Description of the picture:

Plot 1 - Friedensreich Hundertwasser

No life circumstances of Friedensreich Hundertwasser could not break his desire for the joy of life. In his youth, he, a Jew by birth, survived the Holocaust, losing his grandmother, grandfather, and other relatives. After that there were two unsuccessful marriages, a lack of understanding of serious art critics, who dubbed all his work the offensive word "kitsch." But the architect and artist, who wore socks of different colors all his life, still chose bright joyous colors for his works. His work is like a color mosaic, devoid of volume, while always conceptual.
So the work "Plot 1" displays the main milestones of the artistic worldview of its author. Visually, the picture is divided into two parts. In the left part of the work, the viewer can see several houses with gabled Austrian roofs, whose walls replace windows. At the same time, writing windows here for Hundertwasser is practically academic, because its windows usually “dance” and are painted in different bright colors. However, you still will not find perfect straight lines here - the artist believed that there are no straight lines in nature, which means there is no need to recreate them. Neither in painting nor in architectural structures.
The right part of the picture is presented in the form of a fence, coiled into a spiral. This is the famous snail image. The spiral can be seen in virtually all the works of the master. Here he is also a surrealist, as he treats the line as something unconscious, and an abstractionist, because the spiral refers us to the cochlea, which in turn symbolizes the unity of the house and occupant, and the avant-garde artist, as the image has a clear concept.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser chose only bright colors. And in architecture and in art, he sought to get rid of dull surfaces. The fantasy picture "Plot 1" is a cheerful statement, the translator of the main ideas, the quintessence of the artist’s detailed concept. And the narrative is not here ... Otherwise it would not be Hundertwasser.

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