State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

  • A country: Russia
  • City: Moscow
  • Address: Lavrushinsky lane, 10
As if intricate chambers from a Russian fairy tale stand in Zamoskvorechye building Tretyakov Gallery, the main facade of which was decorated in 1901-1902 by the project of artist V. Vasnetsov. The inscription at the entrance, made in an old script, reads: "The Moscow City Art Gallery named after Pavel Mikhailovich and Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov. Founded by PM Tretyakov in 1856 and donated to him by the city of Moscow together with the hanging city collection S. M. Tretyakov ".
It is very difficult to believe that such a huge museum of world importance began to exist thanks to the efforts of just one person - P.M. Tretyakov.
Russian genre painting began with the works of the artist P. Fedotov, who pushed Tretyakov to the idea of ​​creating a museum. The paintings simply struck him with their versatility, and, at the same time, simplicity. And in 1856 the first step was taken - Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov bought a painting by N. Schilder, known at that time, for a painting "Temptation"Some time later another extraordinary picture was added to the collection."Skirmish with Finnish smugglers"written by V. Khudyakov. It is from these two paintings that we can assume that Tretyakov’s gathering began. In Moscow, the so-called exhibitions of the Society of Art Lovers were held, from which the collection was replenished gradually.
Tretyakov began making acquaintances with artists, and could already buy a painting that was not even ready yet, which was only conceived in the artist's studio. Tretyakov believed that Russian art has a future, and a lot of time should be devoted to this issue. In the letter of Tretyakov there are such lines: "Many people don’t want to believe positively in the good future of Russian art, they say that if sometimes an artist of ours writes a good thing, then somehow by chance, and that later he will increase a number of incompetence ... I have a different opinion , otherwise ... I would not collect a collection of Russian paintings ... ".
Fate was favorable to the Tretyakov. He married the niece of S. Mamontov, who was the art patron of the arts. Tretyakov often visited him in Abramtsevo. It was here, at that time, that many outstanding Russian painters lived and worked - members of the famous Abramtsevo art circle.
   In 1871, Tretyakov met Repin.. Contributed to this the world's first traveling exhibition. Tretyakov wanted to bring all the boundless beauty of the paintings to the masses, and was very passionate about this idea.
Continuous purchases of paintings led Tretyakov to the fact that his mansion could no longer accommodate all the works of the collection. And then he decided to make a large extension with a facade on Lavrushinsky Lane (now the main building of the museum). In 1874, the work was completed. After hanging pictures in the halls, Tretyakov announced the opening of the gallery for visitors. It was his old dream, and it came true!
But Tretyakov did not stop there. In 1892, he handed over a collection of his paintings and a collection of his brother hung on him (it included paintings by European masters, who later joined the exhibition of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts) to Moscow. More than 3 thousand works of painting, graphics and sculpture, collected by him, became the basis of the famous art gallery. The Tretyakov Gallery is the largest museum of national art..
The gallery was complemented by its employees. Now there you can find masterpieces of such famous painters as Andrei Rublev, Dionysius, Theophanes the Greek and many others. From private collections in the gallery added more than 400 works written in the 18th century. Moreover, the department of Soviet art is still growing. At the moment more 57 thousand works of national art included in the invaluable collection of the Tretyakov Gallery.
Every year, over one and a half million visitors pass through its halls. Almost 100 traveling exhibitions each year depart from Lavrushinsky Lane through the cities of the country. This is how the Leninist decree is carried out, which has imposed on the Tretyakov Gallery "state-wide educational functions" - to widely introduce the masses to art.
Muscovites are justly proud of their famous museum. M. Gorky wrote: "The Tretyakov Gallery is as good and significant as the Art Theater, St. Basil and all the best in Moscow."

Pictures of the Tretyakov Gallery

Portrait of Count Orlov
Old Testament Trinity
Sleeping in a cat
Seeing off a dead person
Portrait of the actress Strepetova
Elizaveta Petrovna in Tsarskoye Selo
the end
Portrait of Yazmurad Orazsahatov
Dusk. Stacks
Anchor, another anchor!
Terrace by the sea
Piferari before the image of the Madonna
Portrait of Trubetskoy
Catherine II on a walk
Portrait of Countess E. V. Santi
Portrait of Paul I
Moscow evening
Jugs in the ground
Defense of Petrograd
Letter from the front
Portrait of the composer Kara Karaev
Portrait of sculptor V.I. Mukhina
Portrait of a ballerina O. V. Lepeshinskaya
New Moscow
Sneed Moscow
Portrait of meyerhold
Above the city
Ball flew away
Red furniture
Pancake week
Joyful may
Portrait of the artist M. V. Matyushin
Improvisation 7
Evening in the steppe
Moscow landscape. Rainbow
Roses and Violets
Portrait of F. I. Chaliapin as Holofernes
Spring. Seasons
Self-portrait with yellow lilies
Walk of the king
Lady in blue
Demon sitting
Life everywhere
On the boulevard
Girl with peaches
Morning in a pine forest
Three heroes
Didn't wait
Portrait of Tretyakov
Portrait of Mussorgsky
Portrait of Leo Tolstoy
Ivan the Terrible kills his son
Portrait of Surikov
Portrait of Andreev
Portrait of Protodeacon
Sirin and Alkonost
Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf
October. Domotkanovo
From apartment to apartment
Book shop
Military telegram
Mika Morozov
Portrait of the artist Korovin
Snow Maiden
After the slaughter of Igor Svyatoslavich with Polovtsy
Sunlit girl
Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible
Three princesses of the underworld kingdom
Moscow tavern
Autumn morning
Siberian beauty
Boyarynya Morozova
Inconsolable grief
Visiting the Princess of the Convent
Boyar daughter
Overgrown pond. Domotkanovo
Peter I
Abduction of Europe
Odyssey and Navzikaya
View of the Kremlin from the Crimean bridge in inclement weather
Stone in the forest at the spill
View in the vicinity of Oranienbaum
Drowned woman
Tea drinking in Mytishchi
Sleeping children
Hunters on camp
Easter Rural Procession
Birch Grove
Evening. Golden Ples
After the rain. Ples
Silent abode
evening call, evening Bell
Over everlasting peace
Spring. High water
At the pool
Country road
After the rain
Ukrainian night
Tsarevna Swan
Portrait of Mamontov
Portrait of Bryusov
Demon defeated
Elk Island in Sokolniki
The girl with a loose scythe
Moonlight night
God of hosts
Portrait of Sofia Nikolaevna Kramskoy
Portrait of Tolstoy
The only begotten son of the Word of God
Christ the Almighty
Nestor the Chronicler
Death of Inessa de Castro
Actress Pelagia Strepetov
Autumn bouquet
At the Bogoroditsky oak
Herminia among the shepherds
Interrupted date
The Siege of Pskov
Propagandist arrest
Black Sea
Moon night on capri
Composition VII
Conquered Requiem
Fatally wounded
Represent trophies
Apotheosis of war
Hunter with falcon
1918 in Petrograd
Early snow
Overgrown pond
Huguenot's arrest
Grandma's garden
The sick
Children running from the storm
Denial of confession
Portrait of an unknown in a cocked hat
Portrait of V.E. Novosiltseva
Portrait of Catherine II (1763)
News from homeland
On the island of Valaam
Chumachi tract in Mariupol
Birch Grove
Forgotten village
Menshikov in Berezov
Evening in Petersburg
Nekrasov during the "Last Songs"
Portrait of Pushkin
Portrait of Botkin
Portrait of Zhukovsky
Bouquet of flowers. Phlox
Poor lisa
Portrait of a boy Chelishchev
Autumn day. Sokolniki
Autumn. Road in the village
Golden autumn
Evening after rain
Sea coast in Dieppe
Gemmerfest. Northern Lights
Street in florence in the rain
Panteleimon the Healer
The vision of the youth Bartholomew
Repair work on the railway
Overseas guests
Meeting icons
The girl in the poppy wreath
In winter
Newspaper Readers in Naples
Before the attack. Under Plevna
Autumn landscape
Saint Sergius of Radonezh
Joseph's brothers find a silver goblet
Peasant woman with cornflowers
Last supper
Christ and Nicodemus
Red Square in Moscow
View of the Palace Embankment

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