Tom Titus Museum of Physical Experiments, Stockholm

  • A country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm
  • Address: Storgatan 33
The Tom Titus Museum of Physical Experiments in Stockholm can be called the informative and accessible scientific encyclopedia. It contains 610 working experimental mockup. The museum is located on a total area of ​​16 thousand square meters. m. The location of this "scientific miracle" is a suburb of the capital of Sweden called Södertälje. For half an hour you can get there by car or electric train.
At the entrance to the museum, all visitors are presented with a special catalog, where all experiments are described in English.


The museum premises consist of 4 floors and a large park, which also houses various experimental exhibits.
First tier consists of a dark room and a planetarium. In this place, you can do the solving of charades or launch soap bubbles. For car lovers there is a real model SCANIA, which is disassembled.
Second floor given under the souvenir shop, where they sell very mysterious things, the purpose of which can be found only from a special instruction. These souvenirs are expensive. In addition to the outlet, on the second tier, you can visit the cafe, as well as the place of water and dance experiments.
Third tier busy gallery illusions and chemical laboratory.
At the last level there is a labyrinth of mirrors and a place to explore the human body. And at the lowest level you can merrily slide down the hill, similar to similar constructions in water parks. Only the rug on which you will move out, take with you to the first level.

The impossible is possible

The Tom Titus Museum of Physical Experiments amazes with the fact that things familiar to us from childhood open here from a different, more interesting and informative side. One of the most attractive moments for children is that you can touch everything in the museum. Here both creation and destruction are welcomed. The child is allowed to try everything on himself, crawl through in any places, swing and spin up various instruments, launch various air objects.
In 2008, the Tom Titus Museum was recognized as the "Best Science Center in Sweden".

This wonderful and affordable center has no age limit. Kids can climb into the labyrinth with balls, get into the whirlpool and “crawl” on the warm air flow. For older children and their parents, various experiments with liquid and plants have been prepared here. For thrill-seekers, we advise you to ride a bike on a rope that is stretched at a great distance from the ground or, like a yogi, sit on nails, and without any meditation.
About a hundred experiments are held in the park area of ​​the museum.. There is a large water tower, a real centrifuge is operated, fountains operate, a sundial is ticking, local earthquakes are organized, and much more that can be shown and operated outdoors. Of course, the “nail” of the program is a small trip on a real balloon.

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