Artist Claude Monet, paintings and biography

  • Year of birth: November 14, 1840
  • Date of death: December 5, 1926
  • A country: France


   Claude Monet - an artist who not only became one of the founders of impressionism, but also gave the name to this area of ​​painting. It is because of his picture, describing the sunrise at the port of Le Havre that would later call a new artistic movement.
The painter was born in 1840 in the family of a grocer in Paris, but he spent his youth in Normandy in the city of Le Havre, where his family moved in 1845. There, from childhood, he was engaged in drawing and even earned it — groceries father's shop. There he met his first teacher, Eugene Boudin.
In 20 years, Monet was drafted into the army. Serving him fell in Algeria, but less than two years, as a future artist contracted typhoid fever, and his aunt helped him pay off the service. Returning to France, Claude entered the university, but was dissatisfied with the approach to teaching and learning left, going to the painting studio, organized by Charles Gleire. This studio brought him together with artists such as Renoir, Sisley, Basile. In them, he found like-minded people in art and together with them formed the center of origin of impressionism.
Claude Monet was married twice. The first time on Camille Donsier, the second - on Alice Oshed. The portrait of Camilla, written 4 years before their wedding, in 1860, brought the artist fame. This marriage lasted 9 years, until the death of his wife from tuberculosis. She died in 1879, leaving the artist two sons. Almost all this time, the family lived in Arzhantey near Paris, and here several of the best paintings of the master were painted. The second time Monet married only 13 years later, in 1892, and lived with Alice Oshede for 18 years. Their marriage also ended in the death of his wife.
The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war prompted the artist in 1870 to move to England and then to the Netherlands. Staying in the Netherlands was a very productive period in his work - he wrote 25 paintings in Zaandam.
Immediately after returning in 1872, Monet wrote the famous painting "Impression. Rising Sun". The picture was shown at the exhibition in 1874.
In 1893, together with his second wife, the artist moved to the town of Giverny, where he spends the rest of his life. Even after operations on his eyes in 1912 because of a double cataract, he does not stop drawing.
The great artist died in 1926, having survived Degas for 6 years and Renoir for 4 years and not having lived 15 years before a new recognition of his work. Buried in Giverny at the church cemetery.

Paintings by Claude Monet

Station Saint-Lazare
Terrace in Saint Andresse
Lady in the garden of Saint Andress
Haystack near Giverny
The house of the customs officer in Varangeville
Basile and Camilla
Seine shore. Vetoy
Capuchin Boulevard
A corner of the garden in Montgeron
Breakfast on the grass
Holland Tulips
Women in the garden
Houses of Parliament in London
Lady with umbrella
Haystack at Giverny
Water lilies
Water lilies
Pond with water lilies
Artist's Garden in Giverny

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