Artist Claude Lorrain, creativity, paintings, biography

  • Year of birth: 1600
  • Date of death: November 23, 1682
  • A country: France


Claude Lorrain Born in 1600 in the duchy of Lorraine in a peasant family. The future master of classical landscapes for the first time joined the drawing thanks to his elder brother, who was quite a skilled engraver on wood. Little Claude was barely thirteen years old when he, accompanied by one of his distant relatives, went to Italy, where he spent almost the rest of his life.
The boy began his journey to great painting by becoming a servant in the house of the Roman landscape painter Agostino Tassi. Here he received a lot of necessary knowledge in engineering. From 1617 to 1621, Claude lived in Naples, as a student of Gottfried Wels, and there is no doubt that this period left an indelible imprint on the future work of the artist. It was here that young Lorrain became fascinated by the image of sea and coastal landscapes, and this genre in the future occupied a significant place in his creative heritage.
Returning to Rome, Claude again appeared in the house of Agostino Tassi, now as one of the best students.
At the age of twenty-five, Claude briefly returned to his homeland, where he helped paint Claude Déruet, the court artist of the Duking of Lorraine, to paint the cathedrals.
From 1627 until the end of his days, the artist lived in Rome. For some time he carried out landscape murals to order, decorating cathedrals and mansions. But gradually he increasingly focused on easel painting, and often spent day after day in the open air, depicting his favorite landscapes and architectural views. Images of people were given to him, if not with difficulty, then certainly without inspiration. Rare figures of characters on his canvases play a purely supporting role, and in most cases he did not draw them, but his assistants, friends or students.
During this period, Lorrain mastered the technique of etching and reached quite decent heights, but by the early forties, he was gradually losing interest in this technique and fully focused on landscape painting.
From the 1930s, very prominent customers began to appear: first, the French ambassador at the papal court, then the Spanish king Philip IV, and a little later, Pope Urban VIII himself. Claude became fashionable and popular, the demand for his works is constantly growing. Prosperity came to the artist, he rented a three-storey mansion in the center of Rome, next to another outstanding artist - Nicolas Poussin.
Throughout his life, Claude Lorrain was never married, but in 1653 his daughter Agnes was born, and it was she who after the artist’s death in 1682 inherited all of his property.

Paintings by Claude Lorrain

Departure of St. Ursula
Landscape with Acis and Galatea
Landscape with a repentant Mary Magdalene
Cleopatra's arrival at Tara
Landscape with Aeneas on Delos
Abduction of Europe
Departure of the Queen of Sheba
Morning in the harbor
Landscape with merchants
Sunset port

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