Creativity Giovanni Bellini, paintings and biography

  • Year of birth: 1430
  • Date of death: November 29, 1516
  • A country: Italy


Giovanni Bellini is a famous Italian painter, the greatest student of the school of painting in Venice. Bellini laid the foundations of the Renaissance pictorial art in Venice.
Bellini became a recognized genius during his lifetime, but his life, both creative and ordinary, is poorly documented, so all dates, including the dating of works, are not exact. Date of birth in many documents diverges: some sources claim that the future artist was born in 1430, others - 1426. However, the first option is most likely.
He was born in the family of Jacopo Bellini, who had three sons, including Giovanni, and one daughter. Anna Rivenski, his wife, made a will before the first birth, which is preserved in the archives. However, Gentile is considered the eldest son, therefore the dates of birth of Giovanni can be attributed to the years 30-33 of the 15th century.
In addition, among the researchers there were assumptions that, however, did not find documentary evidence that Giovanni did not have the birth son of Anna Rivensky, but was the illegitimate son of Jacopo, since her last testament did not mention, and all the property passed to the sons of Gentile, Niccolò and the daughter of Nicoloia .

Bellini's creative journey

It is believed that he studied with his father, who was an artist, around 1449, and in 1459 began to head the workshop in Venice.
Early works of art by Giovanni can be described as dramatically sharp, sustained in cold shades. These include the "Lamentation of Christ", written around 1470. However, by the end of the 70s, his writing style changed. The impetus for this was the arrival in 1475 of Antonello da Messina in Venice and his painting. Bellini's works are clear and clean. This period of his work is inherent in harmonious majestic portraits, including numerous portraits of the Madonna, which became a special theme for him ("Madonna and Trees", "Madonna", "Lake Madonna"), painted against the backdrop of a magnificent landscape ("The Feast of the Gods", "Stigmatization of St. Francis"). Here you can clearly see the characteristic features of the Renaissance painting: a clear orderly composition and interest in a person. This period has become important not only for the artist, but also for Venetian painting in general. The late period of the work of Giovanni is characterized by plots of ancient mythology ("The Feast of the Gods"). His last picture is "Fra Teodoro da Urbino", on which there is a date 1515. It has long been left unfinished. Only 11 years later, Vittore Belliniano was signed, who was signed and dated in the picture.
Giovanni Bellini ended his life in 1516. On November 29, the Italian historian Marino Sanudo wrote in his "Diary" that in the morning of that day, Dzuan Belin, a great, world-famous painter, was not.

Paintings by Giovanni Bellini

Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredano
Madonna Meadow
Sacred allegory
Lamenting christ
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child with Saints
Madonna with the saints

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