Egon Schiele: biography and pictures with titles

  • Year of birth: June 12, 1890
  • Date of death: October 31, 1918
  • A country: Austria


Shakespeare's image suits this artist the most. Time has made adjustments to the plot of the great humanist. Schiele had no castles in his life, and his royal family could not be called: his father was a railwayman, his mother was a housewife. An allusion to the uneasy passions in a modest Czech-Austrian family is the fact that the father of the future modernist was sick with syphilis. At the end of the 19th century there was no cure for this infection. The insanity that struck Schiele's father made her relatives take the boy from the family. Egon's childhood passed in a small Czech town, in the house of his uncle.
The uncle saw the nephew the scientist and tried his best to give him a decent education. But study did not attract Schiele completely. He began to draw early and completely surrendered to his passion.
The death of his father happened when the future artist turned 15 years old. This sad event affected him distressingly. It seems that this depression has gone through the master's entire work, leaving an alarming and pessimistic imprint in each of his 300 works.
Together with the death of the teenager’s father, indifference of the mother, who soon married and did not particularly worry, got rid of the insane and oppressive husband, outraged. Shile believed that she betrayed the memory of her father, refused sacrificial chastity after the death of her husband.
Such thoughts could appear in Egon after the overheard conversations of numerous aunts in a provincial town, which affected an impressionable young man. It is authentically known that Egon until the end of his life accused his mother of the absence of love for him.

Egon Schiele's training

When it came time to choose a profession, my uncle finally lost hope of a nephew's academic career. He was sent to Vienna with permission to enter the school of arts and crafts, with an emphasis on the craft that can feed him in the future.
Despite the fact that Schiele entered the prestigious school without problems, for a long time he did not stay there. His freestyle manner of writing, unconventional views on beauty and lack of respect for the masters of the past annoyed teachers. Similar views were then taken in the only creative university of Vienna - the Academy of Arts. But even there, after spending several years in constant discussions with teachers, Schiele did not linger. The only teacher who nevertheless signed his diploma, took from his pupil a promise not to tell anyone whose signature is under the document.

Schiele's creativity and acquaintance with other artists

Even during his scandalous students Schiele met with Gustav Klimt, a recognized authority in modern painting. Klimt was able to discern undoubted talent in the works of his young colleague and supported Schiele. At 19, a young expressionist, however, the stylistic framework was always close to him, so in his works one can see signs of several modernist movements at once, was exhibited along with Van Gogh, Munch and other recognized authorities.
In the workshop of his patron Schiele met Valerie Neusel, who became his muse for 4 years. It was an ambiguous, difficult period in the life of the artist. With his young girlfriend Schiele settles in a small Czech town, where he spent his childhood. The couple lead a bohemian lifestyle, which is not at all like the locals, who are very conservatively disposed. The case ends in exile.
In the Austrian town of Neulenbach, where the exiles had relocated, the case ended with a trial: Sile was accused of sexually abusing and producing pornography. Some of the work of the young artist could really make such an impression on the provincial burghers. A new patron of the artist, an influential collector of Beneš, intervenes in the matter. The accusation is falling apart in court, everything ends with a symbolic conclusion for several days.
The First World War did not bring any special inconvenience to the artist’s life. Being drafted into the army, he has the opportunity to use a small workshop and continue to work. By this time, the 24-year-old artist is a bright and recognizable phenomenon in the art world.
Then there was the marriage to the daughter of a locksmith, a break with Noisel. After the death of Klimt, critics proclaims Schiele the largest contemporary artist and the pride of Austria.
In 1918, a flu epidemic claimed two dozen million European lives. Among them was a young (28 years old!), But very distinctive and deep artist Egon Schiele.

Pictures of Egon Schiele

Self-portrait, 1914
Pregnant woman and death
Portrait of Valerie Neutzel

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