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Holidays in the Czech Republic in December: tours, prices, photos, ski resorts

Czech Republic - a fascinating country for the domestic tourist. The Slavic country, despite the fact that it is very difficult to understand the language, many here speak Russian, and the schools began to learn Russian again. The language barrier is very conditional.
It can not fail to attract tourists abundance of attractions: castles, fortresses, museums, monuments, amusement parks. Czech cuisine is very satisfying and almost familiar, and plum brandy is quite a substitute for vodka. Add here the sociability and goodwill of the Czechs, the high level of service in hotels and low prices. Everything comes together in a very attractive picture of winter holidays in this country.

Czech ski resorts in December

Mountains in the Czech Republic - Sudetenland and Carpathians. There are many ski resorts here, in Europe they are very popular, especially among Germans and tourists from Eastern Europe. Each of the largest resorts deserves a special story.
HarrachovHarrachov, Czech Republic, resort


Here began the Czech skiing. Earl Harrach, addicted to skiing in the Alps, decided to arrange these same Alps near the house. Today - this place is popular among those who are just beginning to learn to ski, and among those who have a wealth of experience in skiing.
There are several ski schools, special simulators, competent instructors. The resort’s pride is springboards, but this place is for professionals.
Harrachov is not only 10 kilometers of ski slopes, the mass of hotels and restaurants. It is also a factory for the production of the famous Bohemian glass. At the factory there is an excellent museum and shop where all product samples can be purchased.
Pets under the snowPec pod Sněžkou, resort, Czech Republic

Pets under the snow

Travelers will appreciate the picturesque nature of this resort, the delightful nature of the nature reserve that surrounds this place, as well as a special freestyle track. In winter, in addition to well-equipped ski slopes and cross-country skiing routes, the resort offers several excellent discos, restaurants with national cuisine and cozy hotels.
Spindleruv MlynSpindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic, ski resort

Spindleruv Mlyn

The most famous and prestigious ski resort in the Czech Republic. A distinctive feature is Russian-speaking instructors in ski schools. More than 25 kilometers of mountain trails of very different complexity. And the special sleigh - Bobova dredge - will fill the rest with adrenaline and real childish joy!

Prague in winter

The capital is good at any time of the year. Ancient streets, castles, cathedrals. In December, Christmas markets, skating rinks and festivals are added to all the usual tourist joys.

Brno city in winter

The charm of the main city of Moravia becomes especially exquisite in winter. Old cities and chapels, winding streets and delicious dishes in local restaurants - everything is here. In addition, we should not forget that in the Czech Republic there has long been a dispute between Brno and Prague over the goodness of beer. Take part in this competition, enjoy a Moravian beer. In December, Brno turns into one big open-air fair. Mulled wine is special here, the trees are fragrant, people are cordial.

City of Ostrava in December

Dynamically developing city in the east of the Czech Republic. There are no castles here, the narrow streets are also not characteristic of Ostrava. But the impressive industrial complexes, turned into museums, unusual for the Czech Republic beer and many of the most modern clubs and restaurants, make this place more and more popular among tourists.

What else to look for in winter Bohemia?

Czech Republic is an unusual country. The rich history, full of sharp turns and changes, led to the fact that every village is interesting here. Everywhere you can find something special. In the small town of Hukvaldy, the great composer Janacek was born, in the town of Příbor you can find the house-museum of Freud himself. With such surprises can be found in any settlement of the Czech Republic. In addition, everywhere you find a hotel with a family restaurant.

Weather in the Czech Republic in December

Mild Czech winter does not interfere with enjoying all the tourist joys. A rare winter comes here with frost. Most often the temperature fluctuates around zero, there is usually little snow, rarely it rains.
Ski resorts do not feel the lack of snow. As required, their "stocks" are replenished by the work of "guns".
It is important to have solid and waterproof shoes in winter Prague.

What to bring from the Czech Republic?

Glassware and ceramics are most often brought from the Czech Republic. Recently, bags with aromatic herbs, as well as the famous “pay” waffles, have become popular souvenirs.

How much is a winter tour to the Czech Republic?

Burning bus tour to the Czech Republic can now be bought for 12 thousand rubles per person. This is the price of hotel accommodation and transportation costs. If you want to fly - the price will double. Often, companies offer to combine tours to the Czech Republic with a trip to Germany or Austria. A ten-day trip to visit the Czech Republic and Bavaria will cost 22-23 thousand rubles. It must be borne in mind that December tour prices after December 15 increase by 50-50%.

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