English painting

House, Rainbow, Mill, John Constable

  • Author: John Constable
  • Museum: Art Gallery (UK)
  • Year: 1837
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Description of the picture:

The house, the rainbow, the mill - John Constable. 1837. Oil on canvas. 87.6 x 111.8 cm

Being the son of a wealthy miller, Constable often helped his father through work, and it is no wonder that he enjoyed the whole life with landscapes in one form or another depicting a mill.
The painter concluded all the semantic points of this work in the title - this is the mill, the house and the rainbow, but the sky made the center of the picture. The simple plot on the canvas gets a different sound - the master claimed that there are no ugly things, and everything so that you are not surrounded can be skillfully “painted” with the help of the game of light and shadow.
By adopting their own "branded" technique - short strokes, the author creates a canvas surprisingly in its dynamics. Through the thick wall of low cumulus clouds, sunlight penetrates, wet from the rain, as eloquently indicated by a rainbow on the right side of the picture. This light fills the entire landscape with radiance - a wide field, low trees, buildings.
However, the most amazing feature of the painter is not the ability to harmoniously tailor the composition, and not the technical features of the embodiment — these are all the tools in the artist's hands, but in an incredible way to convey the atmosphere. This is a wonderful feeling of weather, the smell of air, the mood that is characteristic of nature, which is about to get rid of rain, leaving only a solemn rainbow in the horizon.

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