French painting

Combing hair, 1896, Edgar Degas

  • Author: Edgar Degas
  • Museum: National Gallery (London)
  • Year: About 1896
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Description of the picture:

Combing hair - Edgar Degas. Around 1896. Oil on canvas. 114.3х146.7

Edgar Degas - French painter, one of the prominent representatives of impressionism. The works of Degas can not be confused with anyone else. This is a consequence of not only the manner of writing, but, perhaps, in the first place, a completely unusual range of themes of the artist, in any case, a mature period of creativity.
This picture is from a later period, it is based on several etudes and one earlier pastel. From the point of view of painting the canvas is very bold, since Degas set out to create it in one color range. A peculiar interpretation of the plot and the monochrome of the letter are a characteristic feature of the master's handwriting of this time.
Returning to France after a trip to America, Degas began to attend dance classes, showing an interest in the backstage life of dancers. Many works appeared on their rehearsals, professional habits, morals and way of life. All this “sounded” in an absolutely new way in comparison with the ideas about the “front” side of the profession (the painter has such pictures). and although the presented canvas, the plot of which is repeated more than once by Degas, does not relate to the life of ballet actresses, it testifies to the artist's hobbies. He was worried about the woman entirely - her mood, actions, deeds. The master himself spoke of this.
Since Degas portrayed his models, without embellishing them at all, if not to show them in forms that they themselves would have avoided (the painter in the dressing-room ballerinas was accepted as a completely human person and did not pay any attention to him, he did not embarrass anyone) the view that he was a woman martyr. The artist was not married and had no children, but he treated women with reverence. Painting "combing hair" for some time belonged to Matisse.

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