French painting

Still life with a dog and a bat game in a rosebush, Francois Deport

  • Author: Francois Deport
  • Museum: The Louvre
  • Year: 1724
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Description of the picture:

Still life with a dog and a bat game in a rosebush - Francois Deport. 1724. Oil on canvas. 107x138

Francois Deport (1661-1743) began as a portrait painter, but was appointed by Louis XIV the painter of the royal hunt. So he began to perform relevant works on the subject: genre works with hunting scenes and still lifes with game. The artist was allowed to ride the hunt together with Louis, which gave him the opportunity to witness the royal amusements and sketch their most vivid moments.
"Still life with a bat game in a rose bush" it is possible to regard the everyday picture depicting a hunting dog, with interest looking at the trophies obtained. Deport was an excellent animal painter, he managed to convey the character and habits of animals, it was no coincidence that the artist wrote "portraits" of the king's favorite dogs.

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