French painting

Savoyard with marmot, Antoine Watteau, 1716

  • Author: Antoine Watteau
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: 1716
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Description of the picture:

Savoyard with marmot - Antoine Watteau. 1716. Oil on canvas. 40,5x32,5

18th century French art begins with works Antoine Watteau (1684-1721). He was the first to express a new understanding of the beauty and naturalness of human feelings and emotions, and introduced fresh themes and images.
At the heart of the picture "Savoyar with a marmot" drawing is made from nature. The little musician with an open, smiling face is dressed in modest, comfortable clothing on numerous journeys. A native of Savoy mountain, he went to work, taking with him a flute and a box from which the learned marmot pulls out little little notes "with happiness." The lyrical approach to the plot, the inner warmth with which the image is interpreted, is very characteristic of the paintings of Watteau. He skillfully emphasizes the loneliness of a boy standing against the cold morning sky. Similar sketches from the lives of ordinary people in the work of Watteau went along with the famous gallant festivities and theatrical scenes.

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