French painting

Picture "Kiss sneak" - Fragonard

  • Author: Jean Honore Fragonard
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: 1787-1789
  • Click image for larger version

Description of the picture:

A Fur Kiss - Jean Honore Fragonard 1787-1789. Canvas, oil. 45x55

The masterly master of the Rococo style, Jean Honore Fragonard, was a student of renowned artists, François Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Chardin. The painter is known as the author of paintings on "gallant" themes, he developed the direction given by Antoine Watteau.
"Kiss the sneak" - the top of the "gallant" creativity of the master. The young man "kidnaps" a kiss from a young girl, her right hand is clenched with the palms of a young man who holds the heroine beside her. She looks anxiously at the open door so that no one comes in and sees them. The convincingness with which the figures are painted, the texture of the fabric, the interior and the light and shadow in the room are striking.

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