German painting

Nightingale threatens two children, Max Ernst

  • Author: Max Ernst
  • Museum: Museum of Modern Art (New York)
  • Year: 1924
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Description of the picture:

Two children are threatened by a nightingale - Max Ernst. 1924. Oil on wood, with wooden elements

In this picture, Ernst is trying to literally go beyond the pictorial plane. The image consists of a surrealistic motive directly written on a wooden board, as well as a number of three-dimensional elements of wood and plastic. The figured volume frame of the picture does not limit its size, but becomes an organic part of the image, which also includes the embossed details of the strange structure, which develops into an abstract long wall, curved in a semicircle, as well as a gate opening to nowhere and leading to nothing.
Also an expressive detail of the picture is the bell button, located outside the image itself. Going to it, beyond the limits of its space (or dimension), is a figure, only remotely seeming as a man. She is abstract and symbolic, she has a small child in her arms. The second child, a girl, either runs in horror from the kidnapper, or simply runs cheerfully and plays under a high multi-layered sky.
The threatening nightingale stated in the title is just a tiny figure in the sky. Why and why this peaceful songbird can threaten children, what is the actual threat and what did the author use to guide the picture in such a way? Guess yourself, because this is the essence of the surrealistic trend in art.

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