Dutch painting

Pink roses, Vincent van Gogh, 1890

  • Author: van Gogh
  • Museum: Glyptotek Karlsberg, Denmark
  • Year: 1890
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Description of the picture:

Pink roses - Van Gogh. 1890. Oil on canvas. 32x40

Faded roses on a bright background - this is the uncomplicated content of a still life. The author optically “tears away” the roses from the canvas and invites the viewer to take a closer look at the flowers and change their attitude towards them. The whole life of the artist was in the struggle for the recognition of his right to a special view of the world around him.
Still life with roses - a desperate attempt to draw attention to his work. In this case, the author abandons his favorite bright color combinations. The coloring of the work is soft and unobtrusive. Only one of the roses is painted in a completely non-author color - the color of blood.
The artist for society was just a crazy experimenter. Therefore, his recent work is now perceived particularly acute.

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